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British generator supplier Endcape Ltd was founded in 1986 as the sister company of Interpower International Ltd. Initially, Endcape’s role within the group of company’s was to support Interpower and their business of generator sales with spares & service.

Fairly soon the Endcape name was becoming recognised as a British generator supplier in overseas markets, and a number of Endcape’s generator spares customers started requesting complete generators.

Specifications varied, from CKD equipment to African customers, level one type sets to a number of Far Eastern countries through to complex synchronizing units for refineries in the Middle East, and automatic mains failure generators for banks in the Caribbean.


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Throughout our 30+ year history we have been tasked by our customers to deliver all types of generators, from basic equipment operating in third world countries, through to remote installations where our equipment operates unmanned for several months at a time.

Since Interpower International Ltd ceased trading in July 2017, Endcape have stepped up to fill in the gap. Not only are our founders and directors the original Interpower team, but a number of ex-Interpower staff have joined us, and we are able to offer support to previous Interpower and Endcape customers with new UK built generators, and parts, service support for existing equipment already in the field. Find out more about our range of products here.

We are always keen to tackle new challenges and at times we thing we have seen it all, but our varied customers always prove us wrong. We are always willing to rise to the challenge of supplying what most people would consider impossible.

Although products and offerings have changed over the 30+ years Endcape have been servicing the generator industry, we still operate to the same principals; we never let a customer down, and we only supply the highest quality equipment from the UK.

This principal has become our company mission statement.

“Never let a customer down”