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When purchasing a backup generator, reliability is the key factor. Endcape’s range of prime and standby open sets have been designed for backup generator applications. Built to the highest specifications, an Endcape generator gives you the peace of mind that they will perform when you need them.

Every backup generator is built in the UK, and is fully factory tested prior to dispatch, including load and full functionality tests.

Our experienced sales team can assist will aspects of your requirement, including analysis of load requirements, installation guidelines, and control system explanation to make sure you get the right product for your needs.

Open generators are deigned to be installed within engine rooms, or purpose built generator houses, where they are protected from theft, vandalism, accidental damage and of course the elements.

These types of installation, it is quite comment to have the buildings switch gear or power distribution equipment installed too.

This reduces the distance required for cabling between the generator and the building.

As standard an Endcape generator comes with the following scope of supply, this can be added to & modified to meet your specification. Please mention any special requirements when you contact a member of our sales team.

Standard Scope of Supply

Cooling System

Set mounted with engine driven pusher type fan. Fan & radiator matrix guarding as standard.

Engine Governing

Close tolerance electro-mechanical type.

Base Frame

Manufactured steel base including day tank up to approx 700kVA

Manufactured steel base without day tank for 800kVA and above capacity generators.

General Arrangement

Engines & alternators directly coupled, similar to automotive engine/gearbox arrangement, and isolated from base via rubber anti-vibration mounts.

Control Panel

Manufactured steel & powder coated set mounted type. Isolated from generator vibration.


Oil pressure, water temperature, hours run, voltage, current & frequency, including safety alarms & shutdowns.

Circuit Breaker

3 pole MCCB type, housed in manufactured steel & powder coated enclosure, mounted to alternator terminal box.

Exhaust System

Flexible exhaust connecting section & industrial grade exhaust silencer.


Engine & Alternator load test certificates, and full functionality test prior to dispatch.


Prime power applications – Unlimited hours, worldwide 1 year warranty, supported & backed up by engine & alternator manufacturers service networks. 10% overload allowed for 1 hour in any 12 hours of operation.

Standby power applications – 500Hrs per year. No overload allowable.

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