Canopy & Container Generators

Soundproof & Low Noise Generators

Canopy Generator
Endcape Canopy Generator

Endcape canopy & container generators have been designed to offer the lowest noise levels, in the smallest footprint, while remaining competitively priced. Every canopy is manufactured from the highest quality materials, and powder coated prior to having it’s acoustic lining fitted, ensuring longevity once it is in service.

Our designs ensure the generator cools efficiently, while at the same time offering security of equipment, and preventing the ingress of the elements, and vermin. As standard our canopies are fitted with corrosion resistant door furniture, high quality locking mechanisms, and internal exhaust systems.

Incorporated into all canopy & container generators we add features to ease maintenance, and make life as easy as possible for the operator. With simple cable connections, access to breakers and control panels, and fuel system access.

As with our range of open sets, all our acoustic sets are built and tested in Britain, and carry our full international unlimited hours worldwide warranty.

Container Generators

20ft Container Generator
Low Noise Generator

Should the capacity of the generator you require be too great to effectively house within a close fitting drop over enclosure, Endcape have a range of ISO type acoustic container options available.

Developed to be as easy to install on site as possible, everything is integrated into the ISO container, with internal fuel piping &  makeup systems, bespoke customer connection points, and internally routed exhaust piping & silencers.

Depending on the size of the generator, and the noise level required, Endcape can offer both 20 and 40 foot ISO container options.

Internally every container genset is lined with high quality mineral wool providing the attenuation, faced with corrosion resistant perforated metal. Every container is fitted with an internal lighting and distribution system, and for operator safety every personnel access door is fitted with internal emergency releases.

The external features of Endape’s containers include high quality paint systems, corrosion resistant security door fittings & hinges, and where required motor & gravity operated inlet and outlet louvres.


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